Below we put a sample walkthrough of photos during various times of the day that you can expect to have taken on your big day! From getting ready, to celebrating towards the end we'll highlight a few tips and suggestions to make sure you get the most out of planning.

Love & Logic Photo's Wedding Day Walkthrough & Packages

We hope you're encouraged to choose us, and we'd love to serve you!

As newlyweds & photography couple, we understand how important it is to choose the best photographers possible for your big day! We genuinely believe in the sacredness of the ceremony and the two becoming one in the Lord.

As you embark on your journey to making a selection for a photographer, keep in mind how well you connect with them - we have found this is so key as they'll be with you all day and there to serve you.  Take time to send us a message, we'd love to meet you in person or over a Zoom call!





With our most popular package, we'll be there early to capture all your wedding details as you get ready. As we'll mention shortly as a husband-wife duo we're able to split between both girls/guys to make sure we don't miss anything.

• Plan for a well lit or roomy area, this allows us to move around easily. Not well lit? Not an issue, we know how to use our flash to keep it as natural as possible.
• Think about getting seating arrangements and where you and your girls will get ready, planning the room aesthetics beforehand.

Getting ready on your big day

First things first


We love to make sure we capture all the small details that end up making big impressions. We'll request a his/hers precious heirlooms such as rings, perfumes, shoes, or earrings for your unique gallery. 

• Gather your items in one central box for us, a shoebox works!
• Remember to bring 2 copies of your wedding invites.
• Any miscellaneous decor from your wedding helps to incorporate the theme.

Attention to detail to remember the small things

All the details


After we've captured shots of both sides getting ready and all the details, once one side is ready we'll begin capturing group shots. No big group? No problem. We love capturing intimate moment of the bride or groom on their own or a first look. 

• Have fun! Remember to enjoy this moment before the big ceremony. 
• We'll identify a few spots in the venue or nearby for the photos.
• We want candid shots for authentic moments, so little poses here!

Making special memories 

Group Shots / First look option


As a husband-wife duo, we'll be able to capture the groom's tears at the same time capture the bride as she walks down the aisle. 

• Walk slowly, and take it all in. This will help us capture all those emotions!
•We can coordinate with the pastor/priest to step aside for a clean photo.

Your fairytale moment

becoming one - your ceremony


Hooray! At this point, you're officially married! Depending on your wedding schedule, we'll prepare for exclusive bride/groom photos, or if you've had a first look we can move straight into the reception.

• We'll have a "shot list" of your ideas and our ideas ready.
• Depending on the length of day, we like to carry snacks for our hungry brides/grooms to ensure we get the shots they deserve!
• Don't forget those special requests for photos!

Creative poses, candid shots, & the reception

Time to shine!


So what makes us so unique?




Only one lens used at a time, forcing the photographer to sacrifice & switch between cameras missing critical moments. 

Leaving the room to take photos of the other part of the wedding party leading to interruptions which miss genuine moments.

Do the job solo, hire an intern or other "lead" photographer with a boss/contractor relationship and need to coordinate with more work. 

Other Photographers

We operate on two different lenses which provide you with two amazing perspectives that stem off our already unique creative styles.

As a female and male relationship, we're able to split between the girls and guys getting ready photos - never missing any moment during the day.

Always in sync as a husband & wife, we carefully perfect our craft and coordination knowing what to do. 

Love&Logic Photo

Madison & Seth smith

"Ken and Lauren gave the most beautiful memories of our engagement and wedding. They captured us, our personalities and our love so amazing. They searched for the best locations, stopped on the side of the road for beautiful scenery for our photos and they are so easy to talk to and become friends with. We couldn’t have found a better photographer duo to capture the special moments of our wedding. I can’t express how grateful we are for the quality of the photos and for how special they are."

"They captured us, our personalities and our love so amazing."

"I would recommend these two over and over! Such God-given talent!"

Matthew & Amanda Allen

"Lauren and Ken are a power couple with different photography styles that when brought together creates a unique well-balanced portfolio. The couple worked with us prior to all our shoots so they knew how to create a portfolio and provide an editing style that matched our personalities. Having both Lauren and Ken taking photos was perfect for our wedding day to help capture special moments such as each of us getting ready, waiting for my wife prior to the ceremony, and the my wife walking down the aisle. Both Lauren and Ken knew how to make our photoshoots fun and engaging and had a wide variety of different ideas for different shots and poses which made the photoshoots completely seamless for us without any prior planning. We would highly recommend Love & Logic Photo for anyone’s engagement and/or wedding photos!"

"Matched our personalities" 



500 - 700 PHOTOS
5 - 8 X 10 PRINTS

"All Day"


"Short & Sweet"

225 - 300 PHOTOS
2 - 8 X 10 PRINTS


Our Wedding Packages Start at $3,200

(Upon Request)

We don't charge for weddings, elopements, or engagements within a 2 hour driving radius from our "HQ" in the Cincinnati/Dayton region. That means, we serve Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Huntington, free of charge. Anything outside of that we charge $1 per mile. For our destination weddings, and elopements, we only charge the actual cost of stay/travel, no surcharges. 

Do you charge for traveL?

After your big day, we'll start editing and working on your album. We'll even provide a "sneak-peek" of a couple photos 48 - 72  hours later! After 6 weeks from your wedding date, we'll send you a link to your own private online gallery with all High-Res photos available to download, share, and print at your discretion. P.S. We don't believe in watermarking our photos.

How will we get our photos?

Awesome! Fill out our contact form, and we'll reach back out asap. Once you're ready to lock us down, we'll send over a quick standard photography contract and we'll require $400 as a deposit that will count towards your wedding package. We do allow for payment plans for the retainer fee, and the remaining balance.

How can we reserve you asap?

Yes! We love meeting future brides & grooms to help them plan for their big day. We understand that having the right chemistry is HUGE and we want to help you cherish your photos AND your big day with us by your side. Schedule a complimentary meeting or Zoom call with us, and we'll be happy to walk you through all the details and answer your biggest questions. 

Can we meet with you?

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